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For lovers of flying we possess countless models of aircrafts, fighter jets, helicopters or even spacecraft used by NASA. It is amazing that the software encompasses lots of maps, airports and areas which include Europe, United States, Canada, Australia or Japan. Now fly the entire island of Ireland in spectacular photo-real detail throughout. This scenery really captures their essence!
The brand new technology senses how you naturally move your hands, so you can interact in the cockpit as a real pilot. It will guarantee remarkable experience of the journey in airspace.

VR Flight Simulator specifications:

  • VR Headest + 3 x 27′ LG FHD screens
  • Professional Saitek’s controllers/ Rudder pedals
  • Surround Sound
  • space required: 2.5 m wide x 2,5 m long x 2,5 m high
  • power supply:  three phase 3x220V
  • motion platform- 6DOF (six degrees of freedom)