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Nowadays the technology has become exceptionally developed exceeding the user’s expectations in countless aspects and in various areas of life. Nonetheless, the increasing appetite for sophisticated devices, gadgets and advanced equipment turned out to be difficult to fulfill. The answer to growing lust for novelty is definitely Virtual Reality. This is a unique phenomenon and invention beyond people’s wildest dreams. Here at SIMOTION you can enjoy the product at last!

The Virtual Reality Experience presents a spectacular and magnificent show allowing the guests to come into a sensational spectacle on the verge of reality. This exceptionally innovative top class technology gives the opportunity to alter human perception and dive into immersive world of VR.

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The Virtual Reality Experience is a totally complete package including everything required for you to appreciate these original ventures, guaranteeing the virtual reality experience to be eternally remembered by everyone.

While preparing an event of your own, be encouraged to let your imagination work and contact us if there is something special you would like to try out, we shall do our best to make it available for you. Be warned though: the reality becomes quite less interesting when you take your headset off.