About Us


SIMOTION specializes in making any events more attractive. We offer the latest and most advanced professional simulators in the whole Europe, which are able to move in six different axes of movement- up/down, forward/back, side/side, yaw, pitch, and roll (6 DOF).
Our product is an excellent choice for corporate, business, integration and entertainment events, open-air fairs or picnics. Furthermore, it can be used to promote products and services. It’s an ideal advertising tool for your business.

Our simulators equipped with appropriate software can perfectly imitate intense sensations of driving a vehicle of your choice – no fuel, no speed limits and no risk. The G-force, which the simulators generate will raise the level of adrenaline to every client. Our highly professional and qualified staff will constantly supervise each person’s comfort of driving. For safety reasons, all the seats are equipped with seatbelts, and the whole platform with two separate emergency buttons to turn off the device at any time.

We guarantee that every event with the participation of our simulators will be entertaining and will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and strong emotions. This is truly an entertainment and fun for everyone. We provide our clients with proficient as well as specialized service along with great atmosphere at each meeting.