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Visit us now and try the best vr experience on this part of planet. You will find a state-of-the-art motion simulators and technology which creates immersive and unique vr experiences.

Experience a truly mind-blowing adventure with your friends, family or colleagues.

Virtual Reality brings people together and is great for all ages and all abilities. Our guests from ages 12 to 80 enjoy the thrill of experiencing virtual reality.

New to VR?

Don’t worry, our friendly team will be on hand to make sure everyone is having a blast!

Mixed experience package

Book this package today and get exclusive access to all of our unique full motion simulators featuring different vr experiences. You can spend time in our 6DOF Formula 1 Simulator before getting into the 4-axis Motorsport Sim and ending up as a New York helicopter pilot or experiencing the trills and spils of the Roller Coaster ride for a completely different blast. We can accomodate various group sizes (max 8) and no matter which package you choose, you're guaranteed to have a great craic! This is the only VR experience of its kind in whole Ireland!

1h session for 1 (public)

for 2 (public)

for 3 (private)

for 4 (private)

for 5 (private)






2h session for 1 (public)

for 2 (public)

for 3 (private)

for 4 (private)

for 5 (private)

for 6-8 (private)







6DOF VR F1 Simulator

Try the ultimate racing experience with our F1 VR Simulator. Thanks to the latest in technology, you will feel like in the real race car! The gear replicates the unique driving position and posses Ferrari licensed F1 steering wheel, adjustable pedals and built-in surround sound- true realistic racing! We'll see you on the track!!

3DOF VR Motorsport Simulator

Our brand new 4 axis racing simulator has ultra-fast servos for excellent high frequency response, ultra-low latency and resistance to motion sickness. You will be able to sense the tiniest changes in the suspension at the same time with the high steering force of a sharp corner will transmit the forces of every part of the race car to your body, same like in the real world.

3DOF VR Motion Flight Simulator

Strap into a simulator used by a real pilots and get ready for take-off! Choose between our Top Gun "Maverick" low altitude challenge or our brand new Star Wars starfighter combat in the authentic piloting experience.

3DOF VR Roller Coaster Simulator

Everybody loves amusement park rides and our 3 Degrees Of Freedom thrill ride deliver all the chills of the real thing. You will actually feel the dips and curves of the roller coaster motion- up/down, forward/back and side/side, making your experience as close to the real deal as you can get.

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