Great news!

Speedboat Simulator is here! We have just integrated our 6 DOF motion platform with Stormwind Simulator, which is the only truly immersive boating simulation in the world. It reflects realistic conditions prevailing in the Finnish archipelago, which together with its 160,000 islands creates the largest archipelago in the world. Stormwind Simulator is not only a great tool for the beginners to experience how it is to operate a boat in different weather conditions, but thanks to extremely precise navigation system this is truly immensely precised recreation of reality dedicated for professional use.

In connection with our motion platform now everyone can become a Seafarer. Thousands of islands to navigate between forms the basis of a competition in which you experience driving a speedboat during severe weather condition. As you need to compete in pairs, a captain and the navigator, this challenge is a perfect choice for entertainment and team building events. You need to travel from Point A to Point B and it’s not as easy as it sounds. The sea is unforgiving, different routes mean different problems and team work is a key to success. Radar and all navigation items are included and work just like in real life. We guarantee tremendous time full of fun and excitement. Please contact us now for more details.

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