Virtual Reality Experience

Simotion provides an experience unlike anything else available on the market. Remarkable progress in Virtual Reality gives you the power to experience anything and anywhere. We offer our special VR headsets for hire to alter human perception and travel somewhere you would otherwise miss. As soon as you put the headset on, you are transfered to a whole new immersive world.

Now think about something special you would love to experience- perhaps something dangerous, bloodcurdling, or otherwise impossible. Interested in flying to the moon or walking on the summit of Mount Everest? How about taking a part in a bone-chilling horror movie which will raise your level of adrenaline to maximum?

VR gives us an infinite numbers of possibilities in every industry. It’s a magical experience and something that everyone should try out. Our Virtual Reality Experience is a totally complete package including everything required for you to appreciate these original ventures, guaranteeing the virtual reality experience to be eternally remembered by everyone.
Be encouraged to let your imagination work and contact us if there is something special you would like to try out, we shall do our best to make it available for you.