VR F1 Simulator

Our 6DOF VR F1 Simulator faithfully imitates the experience of driving a real one and create an exciting, dynamic and fun atmosphere for all your quests. This is the perfect tool to use at your next event to raise the level of adrenaline in every person.

Once you put the VR headset on you will be transfered to the interior of F1 car and experience extreme driving in Virtual Reality. 6DOF motion platform is able to move in six different axes of movement- up/down, forward/back, side/side, yaw, pitch, and roll and, in connection with surrounding speaker system, Ferrari licensed steering wheel and state of the art F1 simulation software, guarantee a real touch of a true realistic racing!

Large spectating screens included so the crowd can easily see the action and get more involved!


– VR headset with 48”spectating screen

– Ferrari Licensed F1 replica steering wheel and pedals with force feedback

– state of the art F1 simulation software

– F1 Playseat which replicates the unique driving position​

– original F1 wheels

– Dolby Surround Sound

– space required : 3,5 m x 4 m

– power supply: three phase 380V

– motion platform: 6DOF (six degrees of freedom)

– optional simulator and track branding available hence the setup looks like you own it