Our brand new 4DOF racing simulator was designed with mobility in mind. It has ultra-fast servos for excellent high frequency response, ultra-low latency and resistance to motion sickness. You will be able to sense the tiniest changes in the suspension at the same time with the high steering force of a sharp corner will transmit the forces of every part of the race car to your body, same like in the real world. The state of the art simulation software will immerse you in an ultimate experience you won’t be able to forget. Contact us now for more details.


– VR headset with 48”spectating screen 
– Ferrari Licensed F1 replica steering wheel and pedals with force feedback
– state of the art F1 simulation software
– F1 Rseat which replicates the unique driving position
– Leaderboard + original F1 rims + checkered floor for decoration
– Dolby Surround Sound
– space required : 1,5 m wide x 2,5 m long 
– power supply: one phase 220V (standard wall socket)
– motion system: 4DOF (four degrees of freedom)
– optional simulator and track branding available